About me

Hello 👋🏻 My name is Simon Oh and I graduated NYU Tandon with a BS in CS May 2021.

The langauge that I'm most familiar with is C++, although I am familiar with Python.

About this website

I first wanted to use Wordpress or SquareSpace (thanks tech podcasts!) but ultimately decided against it and built this website from scratch. I wanted this website to function as a pamphlet - I wouldn't know who got my pamphlet, where they got it or when they got it, all of which I did not know if Wordpress, SquareSpace or other website hosting services collected automatically or not. And none of which I wanted because I just don't want to and need to. It just sits out there on the internet, waiting to be picked up by someone who's interested about me or my website. Besides, building this site and deciding which font to use, what color palette to use, designing it and implementing it using HTML and CSS was pretty fun - just building something from scratch where the only goal is to make something that pleases me, like how people to take up woodworking as a hobby might do. Website hosted on GitHub Pages. HTTPS provided by CloudFlare.

"Design philosophy"

I put design philosophy in quotes because to me, design philosophy is something that is set out as a guideline for other people to follow. But I was designing this website with certain design goals in mind, so I guess that design philosophy is a semi-correct term. I wanted this design to be simple (both visually and functionally), have dark mode, and reflect what I thought to be "good design". To get more into simplicity, I wanted to find the right balance between too little and too much. It's easy to get too focused on simplicity and make things simple on the surface while not being functionally simple. The inverse can be true as well. It's easy to get too focused on providing too much information as much as possible that the user will become inundated with information (Pied Piper's UI is a good example). I think I achieved the right balance here. Besides, it's not like I have that much information to display anyways, so I was lucky in that regard.